Jessica Sharp


The person

Jessica, born and raised in Dallas, Texas, is currently residing in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She grew up immersed in culture and arts, as well as attending Texas Womens University for a Fine Arts degree. In 2002 she began working in a jewelry store in the heart of of Dallas's fashion scene, where she began designing and creating custom jewelry for 100's of clients, including some of the Dallas elite. 

Style & Quality

Over the years Jessica has collaborated with other top industry designers, as well as doing private label design for larger companies.  She has worked with top leaders, designers and wholesalers in the jewelry world.  In 2007, and again in 2010 she was placed in the top ten of Texas Next Top Designers for her solo work and collaborated projects. 

100% Handmade

Jessica's art and designs are truly her own. She is inspired by her travels, her love of fashion and attention to detail. All of her pieces are made in house at her studio.