Perdida Necklace

Perdida Necklace


Diamonds and Sapphires! This absolutely stunning one of a kind necklace is sure to have people stop you in your tracks! 

The necklace is made of approximately 16ct of natural diamond beads.  They are laser drilled and made into beautiful faceted beads. The diamonds color range from whites, greens, blues, and grays and are 2mm each.

This necklace is 18 inches in length. Thirteen inches of diamonds, four inches of 18kt gold chain with five clusters of sapphire and diamonds spaced evenly on it.  The clasp is an 18kt gold 'S' hook with two sapphires set in it. 

The natural high quality sapphire is 20 x 15mm.  The faceted tear drop is topped with 18kt beads and a small diamond.  It is removable, if you desire to wear the necklace without it.


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